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Derevo Design is my initiative to provide quality web design and development with flexible pricing to non-profit organizations, promising start-ups, or any organization that heightens the wellbeing of people internationally or especially in their surrounding community. We are a web design and development firm based in Clermont, Florida but we serve clients nation-wide.

Allow us to help share your mission with the world.

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The Latest:

  1. Snippet: Shift + Click List Items with jQuery

    When creating web apps, we as developers are often tasked with recreating some of the features available in a desktop environment, in a web browser. Some cases of this are easier to accomplish than others, but when I was asked to implement "Shift + Click" functionality into one of the projects we were working on, I knew I was going to have to recreate one of those features that I've taken for granted for so many years, but have never actually thought about.

    Turns out, it's not so bad

    Let's start with a bit of HTML markup:

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